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The Knight and the Princess

A collaborative student film; directed by me. We combined both 2D and 3D mediums. In the film a Knight is on a quest to rescue a princess rumored to be trapped in a tower.

Created in Adobe Animate, Photoshop, After Effects and Autodesk Maya.

No Undies, Drop 'Em: NUDE

An animatic for my short film NUDE; an Artist struggles with a model who's too Cowardly to pose Nude. Courtesy of my 'Animation and Aesthetics' course at SCAD. Created in Adobe Animate, Photoshop, After Effects and Autodesk Maya.

WAV Files Animation

An animation inspired by Lupe Fiasco's song, 'WAV files', for Black History month. Completed in Photoshop and  After Effects.



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Here are a few motion graphic promos I've made as a brand ambassador for the black owned clothing business, Fast Forward Progress. Created using After Effects.

"What Has Obama Done for Black People?"- Aries Spears Animation

2d animation based off audio from episode 108 of the Spears and Steinberg Podcast. Aries Spears riffs about what people must have expected President Obama to do for African Americans. Made in

After Effects and Photoshop 


Rhett and Link- Hot Ones Animation

2d animation based off audio from a Hot Ones interview where Link of Good Mythical Morning gives a vivid description of how hot the wings are making him feel. Made in Photoshop

Boys & Girls Club Animated Logo

This is a 2D animation of the logo for the Boys and Girls Club of the Coastal Plains. Completed for my internship at the club and created using Adobe After Effects.

Morton Salt Animated Logo

This is a 2D animation of the Morton Salt logo, completed in Adobe After Effects.

Kinetic Typography: Love with Dr.MLKJr. & Kendrick Lamar

This project displays animated text in Adobe After Effects. I utilize audio from an interview with famous rapper Kendrick Lamar and also from a sermon by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.; combining both , this animation addresses the concept of 'Love'.

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