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SCAD course work

SCAD course work

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SCAD Coursework

here's some animation assignments I completed during my graduate courses at SCAD.

The Black Panther

absolutely love superhero movies. The piece is inspired by Marvel's The Black Panther movie from 2018I decided to create short animation reacreating the effect that occurs when T'Challa materializes his suit.

Plastic Wing

This was a group assignment. We were tasked with creating an animated short over the course of the semester. My three peers and I designated roles; I mainly animated the fly sequence until the end and handled post production editing and rendering. In our short, a man attempts to fly with a Goddess but fails. 

Wicked Sick

My skills were tested during this project as I aimed to create a truly 'wicked' animation. The premise of this peice is the main character, expressed through 1st person point of view, has been trying to survive in this postapocalyptic world, and one night hesitantly investigates a disturbance heard on his

front yard.

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