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Futuristic Daycare

This objective of this project was to create an Environment, that would eventually be able to be viewed in VR. My enviroment is a Futuristic Daycare, floating in space..

Mechanical Process: Toilet

In order to create this toilet, I researched how the usual flushing mechanisms work, as well as the different designs out there. The goal was to successful animate a mechanical process. So in this project, the look, sound, movement of the toilet and are all taken  into account to bring this animation to life.

Creepy Character: the Knáfe

For this project  researched the behaviors of one animal and one mechanical object. These behaviors were then used as references to create a completely new creature that was also creepy.  I chose an Armadillo and a bicycle chain. The Armadillo eats smaller insects and smells through the whiskers on its stomach. The bicycle chain transfers power through the push/pull/rotate motion. Through the combination of these behaviors I created the Knáfe in Zbrush. I designed it to "see" (smell) through the holes in its face, and move by pulling and dragging itself along the ground with its spiked appendage.

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