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3D Animation

Character showcase of W8 

from my PAPERCHA$ERs story concept. Completed for my Graduate final project at SCAD.

3D modeled, rigged, skin-weighted and animated

in Maya by me. 3D environment toon-shaded 

in Maya as well.

Powers: paper-weight

Personality: peculiar, but dependable


Completed at SCAD. Audio clip from Mitch Hedberg's standup comedy. 

Animated in Maya.

3D Cartoon animation lipsync

Completed at SCAD, with reference from Hacksaw ridge. Animated in Maya

3D animation Prop Interaction


Completed at SCAD, with self reference. Animated in Maya

3D animation Sit to Stand 

SCAD course work

SCAD course work

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Here's some animation assignments I completed during my graduate courses at SCAD.

SCAD Coursework

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2D Animation

Commissioned animated promos for Horne Law Firm in Pooler, GA. 


Completed in After Effects, Photoshop, and Final Cut Pro.

Horne Law Firm Promos