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DáSean Clark

Sole Member of Daseanimation LLC


SCAD Alumnus with

Master of Arts in Animation

ECU Alumnus with a 

BFA in Animation & Interactive Design


DaSean Clark is a Visual Artist and Animator. He's been drawing for as long as he can remember. In high school he decided to pursue animation as a career path. His goal was to work on video games, but life had other plans. In 2019, DaSean received his BFA in Animation and Interactive Design from East Carolina University; immediately upon completion he pursued further education at the prominent art school, SCAD, where he fell in love with animating for short films.

DaSean received his MA in Animation only one year later. Post-grad, he spent 7 months looking for work until finally obtaining a position at Crane as a Micro-Optic Designer for currency. In his free time, DaSean stays busy animating short stories to enter in film festivals, and he also works on commissions for clients.


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