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Nutraplanet Promo

A commissioned animated promo for Nutraplanet; this business focuses on making nutritious foods fun for kids.



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Here are a few motion graphic promos I've made as a brand ambassador for the black owned clothing business, Fast Forward Progress. Created using After Effects.

Fast Forward Progress Logos

This is a 2D animation of the logo for the Boys and Girls Club of the Coastal Plains. Completed for my internship at the club and created using Adobe After Effects.

Boys & Girls Club Animated Logo

This is a 2D animation of the Morton Salt logo, completed in Adobe After Effects.

Morton Salt Animated Logo

This project addresses the concept of 'Love'. I utilize audio from an interview with rapper Kendrick Lamar and audio from a sermon by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

This project displays animated text in Adobe After Effects.

Kinetic Typography: LOVE ft. Reverend Dr.MLKjr. & Kendrick Lamar

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